Contact Information

Telephone - (870) 887-2688

FAX - (870) 887-6822

Postal address
P. O. Box 490
Prescott, Arkansas 71857-0490

Physical address
103 East 2nd Street South
Prescott, Arkansas 71857-0490

If you wish to send an e-mail to someone at Bank of Prescott, please remember that e-mail is an insecure means of communication.(all e-mail is sent unencrypted and possibly can be read by others) Therefore, please do not put in your email any confidential or sensitive information.

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Webmaster: webmaster

Because of the inability of the Bank of Prescott to authenticate the identity of the sender of the e-mail, the bank is unable to respond to e-mail that will contain sensitive or confidential information. Additionally, in order to protect the customer's sensitive and confidential information, the bank cannot initiate e-mail that will contain such.