IMPORTANT!  New Telephone Banking Access Information, effective August 6, 2015 at 9:00 AM



With the Bank of Prescott's 24-Hour Telephone Banking, TeleBANK-24 , you can access your bank accounts and make transactions from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  All you need is a telephone.

With TeleBANK-24 you take care of your accounts, obtain information about many Bank of Prescott products and services, and conduct transactions on your:

      • Checking Accounts
      • Money Market Deposit Accounts
      • Savings Accounts
      • Loans
      • Certificates of Deposit
      • Individual Retirement Accounts(IRA)

TeleBANK-24 is safe!  Your account information is accessible only after you enter certain information that is known only to you, such as a personal identification number (PIN).  You can change your PIN at anytime.

TeleBANK-24 is fast and easy to use.  You can move quickly to access your up-to-date account information.  Once you have become familiar with the menus you can move even faster.  The menus are easy to follow, and there are help keys along the way.  Of course, you can always call us for additional help.  We are here to help.

With TeleBANK-24 you can get the following account information:

      • Balances
      • Transaction history
      • Deposits made
      • Inquire by check number or amount
      • Year-to-date interest paid
      • Maturity date for CDs
      • Regular payment amount for loans
      • Next payment due date for loans
      • Payoff amount for loans


With TeleBANK-24 you can perform the following transactions:

      • Transfer funds from your checking account to another checking account
      • Transfer funds from your checking account to a savings account
      • Transfer funds from your savings account to another savings account
      • Transfer funds from your savings account to your checking account
      • Make a loan payment from your checking or savings account


To log into TeleBANK-24 the first time, at the account number prompt, enter the account number of any of your checking or savings accounts.  At the PIN (personal identification number) prompt, enter the last four digits of the social security number (or tax ID number) of the primary account holder.  You will be asked to establish a new 4 digit PIN that will be unknown to anyone at the Bank of Prescott.  After completing the initial login, you simply follow the voice instructions.