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Stay up to date with your Bank of Prescott accounts by using our NetTeller Online Banking. This service is free of charge to our customers. To Enroll, click on the NetTeller button above or the "Enroll" link in the upper left-hand corner of this page. Both links will take you to a secure website from which you can enroll. Once you reach the website, click "Enroll" on the right-hand side of the page.

With NetTeller you can:

  • See your transactions
  • Transfer money between your Bank of Prescott accounts instantly
  • View past Statements
  • Download your transactions into financial programs
  • Set up email alerts to notify of many types of events such as low balance alerts or transaction posting alerts
  • Set up Stop Payments
  • Send secure messages to Bank of Prescott

Bank of Prescott is also offering a free 90-day trial of PowerPay Bill Payment for first time PowerPay customers. While enrolling in NetTeller select yes for PowerPay to begin your free trial. After your 90-day trial period, the monthly cost is $5.00 per account that you pay bills from. For example: If you only have one checking account, then your PowerPay monthly service charge will be $5.00. If you have multiple checking accounts then each checking account that you set up in PowerPay will be assessed a $5.00 monthly service charge. With PowerPay you can:

  • Pay your bills quickly every month
  • Electronic bill payment available for larger companies such as phone companies
  • Check bill payment for all other businesses. A check will be physically mailed
  • Set up alerts to notify you by email when a bill payment has been posted or was unsuccessful
  • Log into one website to pay bills instead of having to remember numerous user names and passwords from multiple sites
  • eBill displays balance, due date, and minimum payment from your payees within PowerPay
  • Gift Pay allows you to have a check sent from your account with a personalized message to charities, organizations, and people
  • Rush Pay will send a check from your account using expedited shipping with UPS tracking
  • Person to Person (P2P) payments allows you to transfer money from your account to another person using e-mail, electronic ACH, or check

Additional fees may apply to some features.

The maximum transaction amount is $5,000. The P2P maximum transaction amount is $200 per item and $500 per day.

If you have questions about NetTeller or PowerPay don't hesitate to give us a call at 870-887-2688.

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If you have questions about online banking, don't hesitate to give us a call at 870-887-2688.

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