Remote Deposit Capture

The Check Clearing Act for the 21st Century, commonly known as Check21, made possible many things in the check clearing world for banks and bank customers, both consumer and business. Businesses are now are able to make their deposits without ever coming to the bank! This "remote" ability for making deposits is called "Remote Deposit Capture" since the business scans its checks at its place of business and securely transmits the images of these checks to the Bank of Prescott. It only takes a few seconds for the transfer to occur.

No more driving to the bank to make a deposit!

The business is provided with a small image scanner in which the checks are scanned. The process, from start to finish, takes only a few minutes in most cases. After an image is scanned, the operator is required to enter a few key pieces of information and review the image to insure that it was scanned correctly. The operator now hits the "process" button and the image is securely transferred to Bank of Prescott. An electronic deposit slip is created for all of the items scanned for the day.

The business customer's account is credited for the deposit as if the business physically came to the bank. The original checks are securely retained by the business (called "truncation") in case the actual check is needed in the future. After about 90 days, the original check is destroyed. A reports website allow the business to review current and past deposits.

If you would like more information on this state of the art method of making your deposits, please call 870-887-2688.

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