Shazam ChekCard

More than just an ATM Card - it replaces your checkbook!

The Bank of Prescott's Shazam® Chek Card offers a more convenient way to pay for things. It can be used instead of checks anywhere you see the Debit MasterCard® logo. Plus, the Bank of Prescott Shazam® Chek Card can be used as an ATM card and benefits include Identity Theft Resolution Services.

It's easy to use.

Simply present your Bank of Prescott Shazam® Chek Card for payment when making purchases, and just sign the receipt.

Apply Now.

Call the Bank of Prescott at 887-2688 and ask that a Bank of Prescott Shazam® Chek Card application be sent to you. Fill it out and return it to the bank. You will be notified within a few days of your application's acceptance. You will receive your new Bank of Prescott Shazam® Chek Card within two weeks.

ATM Usage At-A-Glance

  • Gain ATM access with your The Bank of Prescott Shazam® Chek Card and personal ID number.
  • Get cash from your checking account 24 hours a day.
  • Keep safety in mind. Always be aware and alert when using any ATM.
  • Look for ATMs with these symbols:

The Bank of Prescott Shazam® Chek Card is accepted at over 500,000 ATMs worldwide. The Bank of Prescott is a member of the Privileged Status network of Shazam®. What this means to you is that at over 125 ATMs in over 75 Arkansas towns (and other states too!) you can use your Bank of Prescott Shazam® Chek Card as an ATM card without being charged a fee by that bank (called a "foreign" ATM fee). To get a list of the participating Privileged Status network banks click the Privileged Satus picture below. Look for the Privileged Status symbol.

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